In 1976, the company was founded in Italy, and its mission is to provide the medical field with all the necessary tools it requires. Chinesport designs and develops in detail and on a global scale, technologically advanced products used in hospitals, physiotherapy centers and nursing homes. We offer a wide range of products that help healthcare professionals improve the quality of life for patients and clients. Chinesport works on the basis of a system quality certificate, and has many partners and medical consultants in order to research products and quickly respond to the needs of users

From September 2012 – New catalog of Chinesport products

As a result of the intensive work of a large number of employees, medical consultants, professionals and designers, the new edition of the catalog consists of 18 chapters, over 350 pages and contains a wider range of products for rehabilitation and special needs of the elderly and disabled. Therapeutic tables, electro-medical devices, pulley and occupational therapy, tilt tables and many other products are just some of the titles in the content of the new catalog with relevant news on the mentioned product groups. You can view several chapters of the catalog right now

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