He didn't invent the sauna. But with his ideas, he certainly paved the way for a new discovery. In 1952, Erich Klafs personally delivered the first EKS, after loading it into a small trailer attached to his car. EKS – Erich Klafs Sauna – was the first completely prefabricated sauna for home installation. Previously built on site by laborers or carpenters over several days, saunas could vary in quality. But now, thanks to ingenious production techniques, it was possible to produce sophisticated, high-quality, yet affordable saunas that could be installed in a matter of seconds. A brilliant idea, which was ahead of its time.

Helping the sick, and protecting the healthy from disease and infection - was the mission of Erich Klafs when he focused on therapies that included baths, and later on saunas. KLAFS firmly follows in the footsteps of Erich Klafs. And you can be sure that if the product bears the name of KLAFS, it is full of benefits and health benefits! Because KLAFS wants people to feel better – physically and mentally. A clear mission that drives our work, day after day.

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Erich Klafs was proud of what became of his idea. Because people just laughed when they heard his original dream – to sell a sauna a day. Only one sauna a day? That's something that will make sales managers laugh! Today they produce many, many saunas, steam rooms and infrared heat cabins – every day. Which makes KLAFS the market leader for saunas, pools and spas.

Erich Klafs laid the foundation stone bravely and creatively, but who made the company grow into an international market leader? Its employees Their employees are professionally qualified for their work, and have the necessary social skills for a successful business. Employees are accompanied by good management and good opportunities for further training.

Because if you create products to make people feel happy and healthy, it's understandable that you should feel happy and healthy too. Idealism is more important than materialism. From the beginning, this has been a guiding principle for founder Erich Klafs, and it is a matter of honor for KLAFS – to work in a sustainable, environmentally appropriate way and to treat natural resources with care and respect. KLAFS saunas carry the Blue Angel symbol - an indication to customers that the company cares about the environment when selecting and processing materials. Like founder Erich Klafs, the primary focus is the health of customers and users. To this end, KLAFS operates an in-house R&D department that constantly creates new ideas and revolutionizes existing products to further enhance the healthy benefits of saunas and spas. This is how they manage to deliver fresh ideas for new and meaningful treatments and applications – again and again and again. Since 1990, KLAFS has patented more than 100 box-breaking ideas! So if a product bears the KLAFS name, you know it's not only packed with benefits and health benefits – but also with lots of innovative ideas.

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