REA Tape Kinesiology Tape is a professionally designed, dynamic therapeutic kinesiology support for all areas of the body. REA Tape provides support to injured structures without impairing healthy range of motion. The REA strip provides neurosensory feedback so that you don't feel pain or discomfort as much or at all, which then helps activate the neuromuscular response and activate the muscles providing a 24/7 therapeutic treatment.

REA TAPE has been relieving people's pain for years thanks to the original invention of Dr. Kenza – kinesiology tapes. Since 1982, kinesiology tape has become widely accepted in sports and therapy, and today it is an important tool in the hands of every physiotherapist.

All REA tapes are Class I medical products that have been tested and inspected in accordance with full quality control testing procedures (raw material inspection, process inspection and end product inspection) in accordance with MDD 93/42 EEC. The production of REA TAPE products is made in accordance with EN 13485: 2012 and MDD 93/42 EEC amended by 2007/47 / EC.

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