40 years ago, TheraBand invented and pioneered the use of elastic resistance products with the original flat resistance band and matching progressive resistance system. The familiar yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver sequence that easily identifies workout progression is a trusted hallmark of a brand that has built a name for itself in resistance training and wellness products. Today, the portfolio has grown to include tubing, band loops, latex-free options, and now the revolutionary CLX Consecutive Loops. But the TheraBand does more than help the body exercise and rehabilitate injuries.

TheraBand Rebuilds self-confidence, restores independence and strengthens determination. Because they know that happiness and freedom come from the ability to do what you want. This could mean climbing a mountain or using stairs without interference. Maybe hold a record or a newborn grandchild. Whatever your next step, goal, or achievement is, we're here to help you surpass it. We are TheraBand!

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